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July 2012
CLM have successfully recruited a further member to the staff team. Another Quantity Surveyor has joined due to a consistent workload and successfully completed Projects.
June 2012
The last 12 months have been a very busy period for CLM. We are proud to say that even in the current economic climate we have managed to sustain a steady growth to the business.

New Projects include Fulwood Academy and Manchester Creative Media Academy, both with Lend Lease as the main contractor. Now, at their latter stages, they will add to the list of successful Projects completed by CLM.

“I think a culture change has started to happen in Construction. Over recent years, subcontractors have been awarded contracts on price alone as the economic climate has forced this option. I believe main contractors are now realising that quality cannot be overlooked, or bought cheaply. Obviously, everyone has had to become more competitive but quality is essential. CLM have become more efficient to counteract lower priced Projects but have been able to maintain their high Quality of work.”

John Houston (MD)
Call 0845 077 9991 to discuss your latest project with one of our team or email info@clmlimited.com
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