echo central 2

Echo Central 2


PRINCIPAL CONTRACTOR: GB Building Solutions Ltd CLIENT: Capital Property VALUE: £1,100,000.00
WORKS PACKAGE: Light Weight Structural Framing System

Echo Central 2 is a unique building incorporating art and architectural development located on the East Bank area on a prime gateway corridor into Leeds city centre.

The Echo Central Development is a large mixed use scheme. The building features curving façades and the corresponding curving roof lines create an almost knife edged look at the sharpest points where floor to ceiling glazing runs up the edges of the towers.

The project consists of 122 units ranging from crash pads to 1 & 2 bedroom apartments over 9 storeys. CLM installed the light weight structural framing system interfacing with terracotta rain screen cladding and brick work façades. Due to the location of the project, logistically it was very demanding. This called upon CLM’s skills in managing the potential problems that could arise due to the location and design of the building. This project involved a variance of light weight sections throughout due to acute facets and the complex design of the building.

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